success /səkˈsɛs/
The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.





Digital marketing is what we do Good fortune is what you’ll gain.

We here at Makgone realize times are constantly changing, life as we knew it has evolved. Our team strive to stay on top of the latest trends making sure your brand will rise not from dust but from contemporary technology applied to every aspect of your online marketing campaign.

You shouldn’t have to settle for old school, outdated or be limited when it comes to advertising you business we strive to give nothing less than the best with a one way ticket to successful marketing communication.

Makgone Management promise to deliver on time, within budget above and beyond expectation when it comes to:

  • Brand Management
  • Design
  • Photography
  • Website Development


Website Development

Building a website might seem easy or even simple but taking all aspects into consideration, one example you might find is that viewing a website on a laptop is different than viewing a website on a smartphone it makes a big difference to the way it was setup…

Just like you would go out to buy a car you select a vehicle upon merit…. Do you need a:

Small but nice car for easy parking
Large vehicle for industrial purposes
Sleek sports car for speed
Tough 4×4 for unexplored territory
Inexpensive fuel efficient beetle to get you from A – Z in a zip.

You tell us what your aim is and let our level of expertise meet your level of expertise and we will match you with the website of your dreams!

The sky is the limit and believe us, this is not just a figure of speech. It is the truth. You can copy your shop right onto the internet and sell your products with no hassle to even more people all over the world.

Brand Development

This service entails the careful enquiry into not only the brand itself but also in the competitors of the brand in question. Included in to the proposed marketing strategy are carefully examined:

-Brand Values
-Product Quality
-Long and Short Term Aim
-Target market

Relationship development between brand and target market is an essential part of the brand management process. Proper communication channels where the target market feels comfortable enough to ask questions, leave comments and make suggestions are vital to the success of your brand.


Your brand should sport couture imagery to convey YOUR OWN message and SHOWCASE your own style. This service extends to:

-Industrial photography

Excluded from this list are life events like wedding and family shoots.


Makgone Management is not afraid to let the creative juices flow. Included is:

-Graphic Design
-Textile Design
-Corporate Identity Development
-3D Architectural Design
-3D Architectural walk-through design in full motion.

No project is launched when less than absolutely polished. The latest trends, programmes, soft- and hardware equipment is used in pursuit of perfection. Whether small or large, your design should be and always are treated with great respect.

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